John Romero

John Romero

Game Designer

Título de la conferencia: Apple's Impact on Gaming: A Historical Perspective

Apple's Impact on Gaming: A Historical Perspective

The game industry of 2012 owes a large debt of gratitude to the Apple II of 1978. It was then that this industry was born from the very first games written on the Apple II which progressed to a torrent of games in 1982, and continued on until the 1990s when technology and 3D became the norm. 
In this talk, John Romero is going to trace the current game industry's major genres back to their origins on the Apple II, and provide a history lesson that should be taught in every game design course: the game industry was spearheaded by the Apple II computer.

El impacto de Apple II en los videojuegos: una perspectiva histórica
La industria del juego del 2012 tiene una gran deuda de gratitud con la computadora Apple II de 1978. Fue entonces cuando la industria nació con los juegos primeros escritos sobre Apple II, que progresó a un torrente de juegos en 1982, y continuó hasta la década de 1990, cuando la tecnología 3D y se convirtieron en la norma. 
En esta charla, John Romero va a rastrear los géneros más importantes de la industria del juego, regresará a sus orígenes con Apple II, y ofrecerá una lección de historia que se enseña en todos los cursos de diseño de juego: la industria de los videojuegos fue encabezada por la computadora Apple II.

Brief biography

John Romero is a game designer, programmer, artist and sequential artist whose work spans over 130 games, 107 of which have been published commercially, including the iconic works Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM and Quake. His latest Facebook game, Ravenwood Fair, has gained roughly a million players a week since its release in late October 2010. He has consulted on four other Facebook titles for the Google-acquired company Slide.

Romero is a serial entrepreneur who has founded eight successful companies including companies in the traditional hardcore, MMO and mobile spaces. His contributions and philanthropy within the commercial game industry have led to a myriad of inspired games and the founding of 10 companies. He is considered to be among the world’s top game designers, and his products have won every major award.

One of the earliest “indie” developers, Romero began working in the game space in 1979 on mainframes before moving to the Apple II in 1981. He is a completely self-taught programmer, designer and artist, having drawn his inspirations from early Apple II programmers.

Romero’s current areas of interest are Facebook games and massively multi-player online (MMO) games as well as social media and its intersection with gaming.  Romero also remains active in the artgame, game history and indie spaces.

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Perfil en español:

John Romero es diseñador, programador, y artista de secuencia de video juegos. En su haber ha participado en la creación de más de 130 juegos, 107 de ellos han sido publicados comercialmente, entre los que se encuentran Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM and Quake. En su haber, John Romero ha fundado ocho compañías de video juegos. Los principales intereses de John Romero en la actualidad con los juegos sociales y juegos masivos multijugador en línea (MMO).

Algunos de los juegos que John romero ha creado: Marvel Super Hero Squad Online (2011), Doom II (2010), Ravenwood Fair (2010), Area-51 (2005), Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows (2005), Cartoon Network Block Party (2004), Congo Cube (2003), Dig It! (2003), Jewels and Jim (2003), Red Faction (2003), Hyperspace Delivery Boy! (2002), Anachronox (2001), Deus Ex (Game of the Year Edition) (2001), DOOM (Collector's Edition) (2001), Deus Ex (2000), John Romero's Daikatana (2000), Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3 (1998), Half-Life (1998), DOOM 64 (1997), Chex Quest (1996), Final DOOM (1996), Final DOOM (1996), Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders (1996), Quake (1996), Strife (1996), Dangerous Dave Goes Nutz! (1995), DOOM (1995), Hexen: Beyond Heretic (1995), The Ultimate DOOM (1995), Blake Stone: Planet Strike (1994), Corridor 7: Alien Invasion (1994), DOOM II (1994), Heretic (1994), Rise of the Triad: Dark War (1994), Super Noah's Ark 3-D (1994), Wolfenstein 3D (1994), Bio Menace (1993), Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold (1993), Commander Keen: Keen Dreams (1993), Curse of the Catacombs (1993), Dangerous Dave's Risky Rescue (1993), DOOM (1993), ScubaVenture The Search For Pirate's Treasure (1993), ShadowCaster (1993), Street Ball (1993), Terror of the Catacombs (1993), Catacomb 3-D (1992), The Catacomb Abyss (1992), Cyberchess (1992), Dangerous Dave Returns (1992), Spear of Destiny (1992), Wolfenstein 3D (1992), Catacomb II (1991), Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle (1991), Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine (1991), Commander Keen 6: Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter! (1991), Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy! (1991), Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons (1991), Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion (1991), Hovertank (1991), Paganitzu (1991), PARAGON (1991), Rescue Rover (1991), Rescue Rover 2 (1991), Slordax: The Unknown Enemy (1991), Xenopods (1991), Alfredo's Stupendous Surprise (1990), Big Blue Disk #40 (1990), Big Blue Disk #41 (1990), Big Blue Disk #44 (1990), Catacomb (1990), Commander Keen 1: Marooned on Mars (1990), Commander Keen 2: The Earth Explodes (1990), Commander Keen 3: Keen Must Die! (1990), Dark Designs II: Closing the Gate (1990), Dino-Sorcerer (1990), Pixel Puzzler (1990), Shadow Knights (1990), Sub Stalker (1990), Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur (1989), Big Blue Disk #32 (1989), Big Blue Disk #35 (1989), How to Weigh an Elephant (1989), Journey: The Quest Begins (1989), Magic Boxes (1989), Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World (1989), Same or Different (1989), Space Rogue (1989), Twilight Treasures (1989), Zappa Roidz (1989), Zork Zero: The Revenge of Megaboz (1989), City Centurian (1988), Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirate's Hideout! (1988), James Clavell's Shogun (1988), Evil Eye (1987), Jumpster (1987), Krazy Kobra (1987), Lethal Labyrinth (1987), Major Mayhem (1987), Neptune's Nasties (1987), Pyramids of Egypt (1987), Subnodule (1987), Wacky Wizard (1987), Zippy Zombi (1987), Bongo's Bash (1985), Cavern Crusader (1984), Scout Search (1984), Dodge 'Em (1982).

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