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Conference details

Name: International Congress in Computer Science (Congreso Internacional en Ciencias Computacionales)

Short name:  CiComp

Date: November 9 – 11, 2016

Venue: Caracol, Centro Científico y Cultural, A.C., Ensenada, Baja California, México

Conference website (URL): /

Conference Organiser/ Association: Autonomous University of Baja California /

CiComp’16 ( is an Academic Event mainly sponsored by the Computer Science program at the Autonomous University of Baja California ( Our audience will be composed mainly of Computer Science and Computer Systems students and professors (graduate and undergraduate). The activities to be conducted are considering keynote talks, technical paper sessions, poster sessions and tutorials.

Expected number of participants:     300

% from Domestic:       70%
% from
Overseas:       30%


Past Editions

  1. CiComp 2014 - 7th edition /keynotes: 1)  Felipe Lara Rosano / (Universidad Autónoma de México), 2) Carlos Gershenson García ( Universidad Autónoma de México), 3) Christopher Stephens (Universidad Autónoma de México), 4) Edgar Chávez (CICESE), 5) John Giddings Soto (IBM de México), 6)       Claudia Zuñiga (Universidad de Santiago de Cali, Colombia) / 250 participants /38 accepted papers from 144 submitted/32 short papers, presented as posters/ ISBN proceedings book: 978-099-082-362-9. 10 papers in extended versions was published in Research in Computing Science (Instituto Politécnico Nacional, ISSN 1870-4069) and 20 Papers in Revista de Difusión Científica Difu100cia (Universidad de Zacatecas, ISSN 2007-3585).
    Venue: Hotel Coral & Marina

  1. CiComp 2013 - 6th edition  /keynotes: 1) Larisa Burtseva (Instituto de Ingeniería-UABC), 2) Patricia Melin (Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana), 3) Mireya García (CITEDI-IPN), 4) Sergio Castro (TRENDnet Inc.), 5) Christian Garcia (Ublogix International Inc.), 6) Arturo G. Blanco Baños (IBM Global Technology Services) /200 participants /24 accepted papers from 66 submitted/18 short papers, presented as posters/ ISBN proceedings book: 978-099-112-612-5. 10 papers in extended versions was published in Revista de Difusión Científica Difu100cia (Universidad de Zacatecas, ISSN 2007-3585).
    Venue: Hotel Coral & Marina
  3. CiComp 2012  - 5th edition /keynotes: 1)Alberto Mexia (CertuIT Consultores SC), 2) Claudio Arriola (Bit Center, Baja California), 3) Victoria Dominguez (Texas Instruments Inc.), 4)Raúl Aquino (Universidad de Colima), 5) Juan Aranda (Instituto del Código Abierto), 6) John Romero (Loot Drop, Inc.), 7)Brenda Brathwaite (Loot Drop, Inc) /200 participants /23 accepted papers from 58 submitted/16 short papers, presented as posters/ ISBN proceedings book: 978-607-607-120-5
    Venue: Hotel Coral & Marina
  5. CiComp 2011  – 4th edition /keynotes: 1) Consuelo Pérez Saldaña (Programa Vasconcelos, SEP), 2) Luis Alberto Maciel (Universidad de Guadalajara), 3) Javier Murillo (BuscaCorp), 4) Nadir Weibel (UCSD), 5 Felipe Cabada (ITSON), 6) Ramón Toledo (BuscaCorp) /250 participants /30 accepted papers from 80 submitted/27 short papers, presented as posters/ ISBN proceedings book: 978-607-607-037-6
    Venue: Hotel Coral & Marina
  7. CiComp 2010 – 3th edition /
    keynotes: 1) Ma. Eloisa Talavera (SCT), 2) Humberto Sossa Azuela (IPN), 3) Fernando C. Otañez (Panduit) /250 participants /31 accepted papers from 70 submitted/21 short papers, presented as posters/ ISBN proceedings book: 978-607-7753-81-0/
    Venue: Hotel Coral & Marina
  9. CiComp 2007 – 2nd edition /
    keynotes: 1) Richard Stallman (Free Software Foundation), 2) Raph Koster (Areae, Inc.), 3) Carlos A. Varela (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) /250 participants /31 accepted papers from 74 submitted/21 short papers, presented as posters/proceedings book with ISBN 978-970-735-089-5/
    Venue: Hotel San Nicolas
  11. CiComp 2006 - 1st edition of the conference
    keynotes: 1)Hahhan Oktaba (UNAM), 2)
    Isaac D. Scherson (UC-Irvine)/220 participants/21 accepted papers from 38 submitted/10 short papers, presented as posters/proceedings book with ISBN 970-735-051-2/

Venue: Hotel San Nicolas

In 2008, 2009 and 2015, UABC were hosting the following conferences:

  -- ENC 2008 (Ninth Mexican International Conference on Computer Science)

  •   --- CNCIIC-ANIEI 2009 (XXII congreso Nacional y VIII Congreso Internacional de Informática y Computación)
  •   --- ENC 2015 (Mexican International Conference on Computer Science)

The following table summarizes the CiComp’s information during the last years:




Papers: accepted/ submitted





1.   Felipe Lara Rosano / Universidad Autónoma de México

2.   Carlos Gershenson García / Universidad Autónoma de México

3.   Christopher Stephens / Universidad Autónoma de México

4.   Edgar Chávez / CICESE

5.   John Giddings Soto / IBM de México

6.   Claudia Zuñiga / Universidad de Santiago de Cali, Colombia


Alternate event: Workshop on Computational Modelling and

Complex Systems (WCMCS 2014)


A selection of papers were published by the journal Research in Computing Science:






1.   Larisa Burtseva / Instituto de Ingeniería-UABC 

2.   Patricia Melin / Instituto

Tecnológico de Tijuana,

3.   Mireya Garcia / CITEDI-IPN

4.   Sergio Castro / TRENDnet Inc. (USA)

5.   Christian Garcia / Ublogix International Inc.

6.   Arturo G. Blanco Baños, IBM Global

Technology Services






1.   Alberto Mexia/CertuIT Consultores SC

2.   Claudio Arriola/Bit Center, Baja California

3.   Victoria Dominguez/Texas Instruments Inc. (USA)

4.   Raúl Aquino/Universidad de Colima

5.   Juan Aranda/ Instituto del Código Abierto

6.   John Romero/Loot Drop, Inc. (USA)

7.   Brenda Brathwaite/Loot Drop, Inc. (USA)






1.   Consuelo Pérez Saldaña / Programa Vasconcelos, SEP

2.   Luis Alberto Maciel/Universidad de Guadalajara

3.   Javier Murillo/BuscaCorp

4.   Nadir Weibel/UCSD (USA)

5.   Felipe Cabada/ITSON

6.   Ramón Toledo/BuscaCorp





1.   Ma. Eloisa Talavera/SCT

2.   Humberto Sossa Azuela/IPN

3.   Fernando C. Otañez/Panduit






1.   Richard Stallman/Free Software Foundation

2.   Raph Koster/Areae, Inc. (USA)

3.   Carlos A. Varela/Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA)





1.   Hahhan Oktaba/UNAM

2.   Isaac D. Scherson/UC-Irvine (USA)

21/ 38




Review process

Although most of the reviewers are from Mexico, all of them are renowned researchers, most of them belong to the National System of Researchers (abbreviated as SNI, in Spanish) of the National Council of Science and Technology (abbreviated as CONACYT, in Spanish)

Our paper selection process is based on a double-blind peer review procedure, and it is managed and delivered through the openconf system ( Three reviewers are assigned to each paper, and scoring is based on the following evaluation criteria:

Category (Highly theoretical, Tends towards theoretical, Balanced theory and practice, Tends toward practical and Highly practical)

Value (1: New information, 2: Valuable confirmation of present knowledge, 3: Clarity to present understanding, 4: New perspective, issue, or problem definition, 5: Not much)

Familiarity of the reviewer with the paper topic (Low, Moderate, High)

Length of the paper: 4 pages for short paper, 8 pages for long paper

Prior Work Difference (Totally or largely different from other papers, Moderately different from other papers, Totally or largely identical to other papers, Don't know)


Contact person details: 

Committé’s Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Affiliation/Address: Universidad Autónoma de Baja California / Carretera Transpeninsular Ensenada-Tijuana No. 3917, Fraccionamiento Playitas, C.P. 22860, Ensenada, Baja California, México

Telephone: +52 (646) 1744560






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